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Rent an Arctic Barbecue Hut
€65.00 / 2 h

The cosy Kota (Arctic Barbecue Hut) of Pyhä Igloos makes the perfect venue for a special moment by the bonfire - an ancient fascination. It is located right next to igloos yet it stands on its own, as a separate component to the Pyhä Igloos experience. The hut accommodates up to eight people on its benches covered with reindeer skins as the local tradition has it. It also makes an excellent stepping stone for the Aurora Borealis hunters, since it has large glass windows in the ceiling.

The Arctic Barbecue Hut is available for Pyhä Igloos guests on complementary bases, anyone and everyone is welcome. However, should one wish to keep it private, dedicated to one's family, friends, or the special someone exclusively for a two-hour session.

Pyhä Igloos Arctic Barbecue Hut also calls for the wilderness chefs out there! The local supermarket has a good assortment of foods suitable for open fire cooking, such as sausages, certain vegetables and of course the marshmallow - also known as the foam caramel - for the ones with the sweet tooth. Need some suggestions? Just contact the Pyhä Igloos reception!

What's included?

  • Price includes Pyhä Igloos staff members helping hand when starting the fire. He/she will also instruct how to keep the interaction with an open fire safe and sound.


  • Food & drinks


Online reservations can be made no later than 10 hours before the start of the booking. If you want to rent for the same day, please make contact to our customer service.